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aku semakin lupa.. June 3, 2008

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untuk menulis blog. and it’s not because i don’t have the time for it.. god knows what i’ve been doing lately at the office hehehehe.. maybe it’s just writer’s block. or more accurately, somebody-who-started-a-blog-but-didnt-think-of-the-repercussions block 😛 anyways, i’m back from teluk batik!! 5 shades darker, hundreds of RM poorer, but it was one of the best trips after soooo long (it will go down as my first annual leave of 2008 after 5 months with this co).

some tidbits:

  • did my confirmation appraisal with DaBoss. and HOORAY!! slightly early confirmation, plus a salary review to boot. weehoo!! thanks boss!
  • received 1st duit kutu, did not even reach my hands as i had to use it for err… more pressing issues 🙂
  • anep’s birthday yesterday! took the day off and had a birthday lunch at klcc together with zana who said “hepi besthdei ayahhh” before falling asleep in her spaghetti
  • zana can now sing queen’s we will rock you. zezz will be proud to hear this
  • zana thinks the p ramlee song ‘achi2 buka pintu’ is about her. hahahahah (re: nana balik pukul satu

does anybody wanna go see the lovable but clumsy panda who’s into martial arts?


i’m back! May 6, 2008

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yawn.. satu bulan siot from the last post to this one. i was kept busy with 80% work and 20% family matters. takde hibernasi2 okkeh? and since i only have a few minutes at my desk before going off to matrade for booth setup, i’ll just put last month’s activities in a summary 🙂

1. KL International Book Fair 2008 – korang pegi tak? tak nampak aku ke? wakakakkak

2. Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia @ MITC Melaka – korang pegi tak? tak nampak aku ke? wakakakkak

3. Bijou Bazaar’s event @ Bangsar – supposed to play guitar here.. ended up with stagefright and left the guitar in my car 😛 anyways, zana falling in the pool was news by itself.

4. Khalisah Nadiah’s 1st birthday – Zana’s 2nd cousin.. i think. KN is Yoi’s daughter, Yoi is my cousin, so that makes KN and Zana 2nd cousins kan? We had yummilicious helpings of marshmallows, campo dengan chocolate syrup (they actually had a chocolate fountain)

5. 2 x saman parking polis + 2 x saman parking dbkl hehehehehehehehehe

6. Malaysian Press Night 2008 @ one world hotel yang membuatkan aku miss reunion tkc 1st may sebab dok shopping baju 😦 dan juga membuatkan aku miss dinner kat bulgogi sebab aku kena attend dinner tu sebab aku jadik usherer. on another note, disebabkan aku jadik usherer, aku dapat elaun serat steng.. hahahhahah

upcoming events – Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2008 @ MATRADE, KL.

upcoming events – Karnival Halal Kelantan 2008

upcoming events – Teluk Batik trip together with Fizi’s wedding kenduri



let the battle begin March 6, 2008

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i watch the flags and posters and whatnots increasing in numbers each day i go to work and come back home. lama2 camni aku tak nampak jalan laa jawabnya.

am i voting this year? i might. although i can say as of now i still don’t know if i’m pretty sure my vote will go to the right person. since i don’t live nor work in the particular constituency now.. i haven’t got the chance to see the candidates campaigning, although i’m pretty sure the incumbent did quite a good job previously. but i must say, the ‘changes’ side has made an impressive campaign program online. i don’t see a lot of that from the ‘maintains’ people. wake up laa all you datuks datins! it’s the information age! takkan nak harap kempen kat padang je.

election news aside, my department’s inaugural bowling tournament will kick off tonight… don’t play play! hehe.


i’m sure as hell not gonna win the trophy tonight, hence my team name (check below)


Team 1 (Rookie Gagah)
1. Shah
2. Widz

Team 2 (Headbangers)
1. Nasa
2. Ridz

Team 3 (Bola Saiko)
1. Zakh
2. Anumz

Team 4 (Tornado F5)
1. Atoz
2. Ezzmier

Team 5 (Kaver Each Other)
1. Ajon
2. Dali

Team 6 (Selayang Strikers)
1. Yop
2. Rizz

Team 7 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
1. Tiger
2. Dragon

*note to self: buy enough sloan’s liniment to cover me until the end of the year


.. February 13, 2008

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i’m beginning to run out of ideas for titles.

huda lost her mum last weekend, al-fatihah.. and semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmatNya. the last time i met arwah was probably raya.. several years ago. most of us already know about arwah’s repeated struggles with diabetes. hence a note to remind us to always take care of ourselves.

nowadays there will always be somebody you know or knew with somewhat poor state of health. just looking at my father, who scared us (and the doctor!) a few years back when his checkup results stated absurdly high levels of cholesterol.. part of the blame went to us pun.. everytime one of the family was out for makan2.. we made sure we called home and asked if anybody wants anything for tapau. papa never said no,  be it nasi goreng or mekdi’s burgers! 🙂 alhamdulillah, after suffering a gout episode and some minor ailments.. papa now eats in moderation, together with his chlorella(yup the green “pil tinggi” as named by my schoolmates hahaha) and now, virgin coconut oil! wakakakka dah mcm promo barang lak.

product plugs aside, i’m starting to see the dark tunnel that usually shows up after 1-2 months of starting a new job.. so sickening! hahahaha!


sickening February 4, 2008

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got a text message from mum just now. she said one of my uncles has been visiting my blog now. EGAD!! hehehe. anyway, a big wave to Uncle Jam!

not feeling well today.  i joined the boys for booth setup at KL Conv Centre yesterday, then we headed to Lotus for a quick meal, unfortunately we were all caught in the rain. so now i have this really itchy throat i’m dying to scratch like the guy in the tv ad.

speaking of itchy throats, i mentioned that particular bit to a friend and he suggested i take PIRITON and just sleep the day off. schoolmates, wasn’t that the particular icky green stuff kak julia gave us each time one of us complained of cough? or did i get the name wrong? whatever the name was, it definitely knocked me out the whole day that time. kalau ada chicken rice for lunch pun mmg miss punya. what a blessing for those who are admitted to the sickbay on wednesdays. u get to eat the special chicken rice lunch pakai tangan, no cutleries! haha.

sickbay leads me to another term i used to hear the seniors say:
“you all ni sickening lah!”
*seniors’ vocab will require another post at another day..  heheheheheheh


i learned a new phrase today episode 1 January 25, 2008

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had to ask a fellow officemate what “makan kot woya” means.

he said:
“kalu mu gi spital, mu napok pesakik2 sumer sangkut IV, tu asal-usul makan kot woya ler (makan ikut wayar)”

in other words,  when someone is soo poor/sengkek that his health deteriorates and the only food he’s eating are the ones that go in via the IV… i think. please correct me if i’m wrong. aku tau apis misti nak komen nyer 😛


well… December 18, 2007

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whaddayaknow? KB actually offered me a permanent position.. after I had tendered my resignation. and what’s more painful, he was willing to backdate it to god-knows-which-date just to show that he means it. THIS after 3 and a half years of asking him, asking the HR department, asking the heads of departments, etc to no avail. i guess janet jackson/cinderella was right after all, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.. LOL!