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nana: hello mama! June 30, 2008

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TheBibik: kak widie, nana cakap mau telepon mama


nana: hello mama!

mama: hello nana…. nana —

nana: nana telepon mama!!

mama: okeyyy… nana dah makan ubat ke?

nana: dah.. nana makan semua ubat

mama: nana makan nasi tak sebelum makan ubat?

nana: makan.. mama, mama kat mana?

mama: mama kat opis..

nana: opis m-m-p?

mama: ha ah.. mmp.. nana, nana —

nana: bila mama balik?

mama: petang karang mama balik okeyy

nana: okey.. mama, nana nak jalan-jalan… nana tunggu mama balik okeyyyyyyyy?

mama: okey nana

nana: bye mama!! -click

adeh.. ini masih lagi dalam kategori supervised phone call.. kang bila dah kenal nombor.. abih satu yellow pages tu dia call kot


Alhamdulillah June 12, 2008

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thanks to all your prayers and wishes, my husband’s all better now, people!

tapi sorang lagi pulak tercedera malam selasa baru ni.

hepi sangat ayah dah nak balik sampai terhantuk bucu katil

she managed to smile for the camera eventhough im pretty sure her head was still throbbing 😛

“bunga ayah sama kaler dgn baju nana”


aku semakin lupa.. June 3, 2008

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untuk menulis blog. and it’s not because i don’t have the time for it.. god knows what i’ve been doing lately at the office hehehehe.. maybe it’s just writer’s block. or more accurately, somebody-who-started-a-blog-but-didnt-think-of-the-repercussions block 😛 anyways, i’m back from teluk batik!! 5 shades darker, hundreds of RM poorer, but it was one of the best trips after soooo long (it will go down as my first annual leave of 2008 after 5 months with this co).

some tidbits:

  • did my confirmation appraisal with DaBoss. and HOORAY!! slightly early confirmation, plus a salary review to boot. weehoo!! thanks boss!
  • received 1st duit kutu, did not even reach my hands as i had to use it for err… more pressing issues 🙂
  • anep’s birthday yesterday! took the day off and had a birthday lunch at klcc together with zana who said “hepi besthdei ayahhh” before falling asleep in her spaghetti
  • zana can now sing queen’s we will rock you. zezz will be proud to hear this
  • zana thinks the p ramlee song ‘achi2 buka pintu’ is about her. hahahahah (re: nana balik pukul satu

does anybody wanna go see the lovable but clumsy panda who’s into martial arts?


segmen tarik rambut February 26, 2008

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apparently psychedelic-thoughts-inducing-rock-music-lovers like myself and zezz are being left behind just cause we are a few hundred miles across the causeway.

what’s up with that??


relax.. take it eeeeeeeeeasy January 22, 2008

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i’m in my lazy mode.

for someone who’s soo used to run around the office, meeting clients, and generally acting hyperactive here and’s a brand new thing for me since this new job is a real sedentary one. and to think they pay me more than hspj just to sit.. LOL.  the good thing about this is i no longer have to answer to a lot of people. no more answering to and negotiating with clients when their requirements are not met due to silly service provided by operations. no more watching the many fingers pointing here and there when i ask the staff about poor service. here.. i just sit in front of the computer and do admin work! well it’s basically admin work for the marketing department, but then since we have 6 boys to go on the field, leaves yours truly in the comforts of the office 🙂

i’m still trying to get used to a few things, such as:

1. having to pay for parking (most probably ask anep to send and pick me up starting next month…hehehe)
2. having to pay for lunch (ni benci betul!!)
3. leaving office on the dot (never got to do that when i was in hspj)

on zana news, she had her check-up last week and everything’s ok. blood test showed she had the influenza virus, which could have been deadly if we waited a little longer before bringing her to the hospital. she’s eating so much now she’s been nicknamed ‘bulat’ by everyone at home.. hehe.

so since it’s a public holiday tomorrow.. i hope everyone enjoys their mid-week break.. and happy thaipusam!


Everything Update January 8, 2008

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what a year! i hope it’s not too late to wish everybody a happy 2008. got your new year resolutions underway? i can’t remember if i made any resolutions for 2007, much less stick to it or anything. so here’s hoping that in 2008:

1. my ‘hobby’ generates more revenue.. hehe (anybody wants to renew their car insurance?)

2. i’m okay with my new job

3. zana has a healthier 2008

speaking of a healthier 2008, most of my friends would have known about zana’s hospitalization. ya lor, she had been down with fever, on and off, since raya haji. then on christmas morning (specifically 3am) her fever spiked so high, she was burning. cepat2 hantar to the hospital.. even had her chest x-rayed, then the doctor admitted her at 4.30am for pneumonia.

the ward stay was not that bad eventhough it was a common ward. almost all the cases there were respiratory; asthma, pneumonia.. might be because of the change in weather. yang paling kesian when the nurse came to take zana’s phlegm sample. can u imagine a toddler screaming at 5 in the morning when the nurse slid a tube down the throat? i was in tears trying to calm her down that time. and the 2nd time round after a couple of days was not any easier. this time it was not just a sample. it was full-blown sucking-out phlegm from the nose, and the throat. i think it went on for at least 3 minutes. but thankfully, zana’s fever went down after that. who would have thought that phlegm can contribute to a fever?

we were back home 3 days after christmas. now zana’s back to her old self, melompat2 sana sini (as evidenced at arina’s birthday party recently).

as with my new job, so far so good.. will tell more soon.. once i’ve settled in.



pijana update December 19, 2007

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sent zana to school today and had a short meeting with the teacher on zana enrolling to kindy next year. apparently now they have a curriculum for kids as young as 3. so eventhough zana technically just turned 2 (lahir ujung tahun), she still has to go for kindy next year. boleh lah kot.. since she does not have problems communicating with her friends and teachers.

speaking of communication, here’s a short bit on zana’s pot pet:

patin – her playschool friend, fatin (LOL macam ikan lak sebut patin)
apik – her other playschool friend, afiq
there are actually adam, apis, nini and all sorts of common baby names u can find.. hehe

bisimillahirrahmaaanirra’im (note the extra i)
zana can also recite the doa makan in a slightly pelat, jawa version (ni TheBibik punya kerja)

tu opis mak ngah! TM! (referring to menara telikom)

tu opis ayah! ada harimau.. auummmmm! (referring to anep’s, nailah’s and soon-to-be huda’s dataran m*ybank)

*note that mama’s opis tak wujud due to its inconspicuous location*

daily conversation when picking up zana from school:
mama: hari ni zana makan apa?
zana : makan mee
mama: takkan hari-hari makan mee
zana : mee sedap

(by the way, zana’s favourite ‘mee’ is spaghetti)

zana sings:
oh bulan, mana bintang, atah pokok, kayu agha

my mum struggling to belt up zana in her car seat:
tokmak: susahnya mende nih
zana: tokmak tak reti lah.. mama pandai

esok zana will have cuti from school until christmas. suka laa tu.. m not going anywhere for raya since there are back to back weddings on friday and saturday. the last wedding events im going to assist…

have a merry raya and christmas everyone!