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aku semakin lupa.. June 3, 2008

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untuk menulis blog. and it’s not because i don’t have the time for it.. god knows what i’ve been doing lately at the office hehehehe.. maybe it’s just writer’s block. or more accurately, somebody-who-started-a-blog-but-didnt-think-of-the-repercussions block 😛 anyways, i’m back from teluk batik!! 5 shades darker, hundreds of RM poorer, but it was one of the best trips after soooo long (it will go down as my first annual leave of 2008 after 5 months with this co).

some tidbits:

  • did my confirmation appraisal with DaBoss. and HOORAY!! slightly early confirmation, plus a salary review to boot. weehoo!! thanks boss!
  • received 1st duit kutu, did not even reach my hands as i had to use it for err… more pressing issues 🙂
  • anep’s birthday yesterday! took the day off and had a birthday lunch at klcc together with zana who said “hepi besthdei ayahhh” before falling asleep in her spaghetti
  • zana can now sing queen’s we will rock you. zezz will be proud to hear this
  • zana thinks the p ramlee song ‘achi2 buka pintu’ is about her. hahahahah (re: nana balik pukul satu

does anybody wanna go see the lovable but clumsy panda who’s into martial arts?


4 Responses to “aku semakin lupa..”

  1. ly-d Says:

    i wanna!
    have been asking kakak whether she wants to watch it – being an animated movie and all – but she insisted on watching narnia!!

    gimme a buzz on when ur planning to go !

    oh.. and congratz on ur confirmation + salary review.

  2. zezz Says:

    hooray nana!
    ok, next song – bohemian rhapsody.

  3. bitz Says:

    u have always been the master organizer for these kind of gatherings. i should be available most weekends 😛

    tall order tuh….. kalau zana hafal even 1 verse pun dah cukup terer la..

  4. zezz Says:

    wids then we start slow…ABBA? kekekeke kesian budak tu, stuck with songs even older than the mom.

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