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happy 81st birthday, tokmi!! May 20, 2008

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with 4 sons, 5 daughters, 9 menantus, 30-odd grandchildren  & 3 great-grandchildren, you go, girl!! hehehe.. can i tell her that, hmm?

some facts about my grandma:

  • used to drive her cucus around in a sporty red mazda astina
  • cucus call her tokmi. grand cucus pun dipressure to call her tokmi.. LOL
  • never forgets a birthday. every year i will get a birthday card with the words CUCUANDA WIDYA or CUCUNDA WIDI or CUCUNDA WIDYA NATASYA. dulu2 sebelum keja dapat gak duit with the birthday card. skang dapat kad je heheheh
  • she is oblivious of crowds. example: she used to love shopping. at globe in jalan tuanku abdul rahman. during school holidays AND during lunch hour.
  • she is the best tokmi a cucu can ever have!

4 Responses to “happy 81st birthday, tokmi!!”

  1. zezz Says:

    tokmi mmg cool

  2. steady beb tokmi lu.. power!

  3. ly-d Says:

    kewl nye tokmi ko widz!

    emmm… alhamdulillah dipanjangkan umur and dikelilingi oleh famili dikasihi!

  4. noordinarymomster Says:

    happy birthday tokmi widz!

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