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happy 81st birthday, tokmi!! May 20, 2008

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with 4 sons, 5 daughters, 9 menantus, 30-odd grandchildren  & 3 great-grandchildren, you go, girl!! hehehe.. can i tell her that, hmm?

some facts about my grandma:

  • used to drive her cucus around in a sporty red mazda astina
  • cucus call her tokmi. grand cucus pun dipressure to call her tokmi.. LOL
  • never forgets a birthday. every year i will get a birthday card with the words CUCUANDA WIDYA or CUCUNDA WIDI or CUCUNDA WIDYA NATASYA. dulu2 sebelum keja dapat gak duit with the birthday card. skang dapat kad je heheheh
  • she is oblivious of crowds. example: she used to love shopping. at globe in jalan tuanku abdul rahman. during school holidays AND during lunch hour.
  • she is the best tokmi a cucu can ever have!

kaki pot May 14, 2008

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adakah definasinye seseorang yang suka merepot? isap pot? buat repot? ataupun secara khususnya, seseorang yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menyiapkan post-event report setiap kali dia pulang dari sesuatu acara?

dah nak pukul 2 pagi, and I just completed MIHAS punya report.



i’m back! May 6, 2008

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yawn.. satu bulan siot from the last post to this one. i was kept busy with 80% work and 20% family matters. takde hibernasi2 okkeh? and since i only have a few minutes at my desk before going off to matrade for booth setup, i’ll just put last month’s activities in a summary 🙂

1. KL International Book Fair 2008 – korang pegi tak? tak nampak aku ke? wakakakkak

2. Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia @ MITC Melaka – korang pegi tak? tak nampak aku ke? wakakakkak

3. Bijou Bazaar’s event @ Bangsar – supposed to play guitar here.. ended up with stagefright and left the guitar in my car 😛 anyways, zana falling in the pool was news by itself.

4. Khalisah Nadiah’s 1st birthday – Zana’s 2nd cousin.. i think. KN is Yoi’s daughter, Yoi is my cousin, so that makes KN and Zana 2nd cousins kan? We had yummilicious helpings of marshmallows, campo dengan chocolate syrup (they actually had a chocolate fountain)

5. 2 x saman parking polis + 2 x saman parking dbkl hehehehehehehehehe

6. Malaysian Press Night 2008 @ one world hotel yang membuatkan aku miss reunion tkc 1st may sebab dok shopping baju 😦 dan juga membuatkan aku miss dinner kat bulgogi sebab aku kena attend dinner tu sebab aku jadik usherer. on another note, disebabkan aku jadik usherer, aku dapat elaun serat steng.. hahahhahah

upcoming events – Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2008 @ MATRADE, KL.

upcoming events – Karnival Halal Kelantan 2008

upcoming events – Teluk Batik trip together with Fizi’s wedding kenduri