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tagged yet again March 31, 2008

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tatau baper byk yg dah tertunggak, tapi takpelaa.. nuarot punyo pasal.

Apakah yang terdapat di dalam handbag/purse anda?


Aku tidak mempunyai handbag. This is what I use most of the time.

demi kemudahan membawa apa jua perkakas / bahan / persiapan / etc

antara bahan/perkakas/persiapan termasukla seperti di bawah:

1. purse (details to come)
2. call cards
3. pengecaj bateri bermotifkan sony
4. pemacu data bersaiz ibu jari
5. kamera digital canon powershot
6. fail plastik berisi bermacam2 bil yang perlu dibayar
7. ponsel
purse – dihadiahkan oleh encikAnep sempena hari terjadiku yang lalu

semak sangat sampai tatau where to start.

1. duit (ojo dipikirin ono piro)
2. kartu debit & kredit pelbagai warna
3. resit2 (i’m the receipt queen)
4. miniature versions of  my wedding photos
5. kartu2 point, diskaun, spesel etc yg tak pernah memberikanku kebahagian material

Oleh kerana encik nuarot hanya mengetag 2 orang sahaja, maka aku akan turunkan tag ini kepada seorang sahaja ratu tag tersohor.. di sini 


suggestions wanted March 25, 2008

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received an invitation from weggy and nor for an open mic session next month. no, im not qualified to be on the mic, but rather, will try to play my dust-infested guitar (it has been that long) and accompany my friends who can sing.

now, i have quite a to-do list here. my cheapo fina guitar (bought 2 years back from a friend at a bargain price of RM180) will need new strings, a guitar bag, guitar stand, and fret cleaner. i might have to borrow my bro’s amp and cable if i want to make a ‘presence’..haha. good thing the guitar’s a semi-acoustic.

and so, my good friends, now i need suggestions on the songs to play that day. basically we might try to do a early 90s theme (a homage to our schoolgoing years) so please list your song suggestions in the comments section. try to suggest a song that’s easy for me to play (it has been that long, remember?)

and for my schoolfriends who want to join us that day (marey marey).. it’s on the 27th April 2008 at +wondermilk cafe, uptown damansara. come to think about it, im not sure of the time.. nanti kena tanya miss weggy.

let the songs roll in!!


aku stress? March 17, 2008

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eventhough i’m only in my 3rd month with mmp, da boss requested me to assist him checking last year’s accounts figures to put in this year’s business plan.

penat siot nak tgk setiap satu page dalam satu tahun punya accounts statement huwarghhhhhh!!!

consequences nye termasuk laa terjumpa sehelai dua uban kat kepala malam tadi.

i’m just going to put it down as stress-related. or maybe coz i played 6 bowling games back-to-back in one night. (lengan kanan aku dah muskul. hehe.)

speaking of hair, anybody got any tips how to control rambut gugur?


let the battle begin March 6, 2008

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i watch the flags and posters and whatnots increasing in numbers each day i go to work and come back home. lama2 camni aku tak nampak jalan laa jawabnya.

am i voting this year? i might. although i can say as of now i still don’t know if i’m pretty sure my vote will go to the right person. since i don’t live nor work in the particular constituency now.. i haven’t got the chance to see the candidates campaigning, although i’m pretty sure the incumbent did quite a good job previously. but i must say, the ‘changes’ side has made an impressive campaign program online. i don’t see a lot of that from the ‘maintains’ people. wake up laa all you datuks datins! it’s the information age! takkan nak harap kempen kat padang je.

election news aside, my department’s inaugural bowling tournament will kick off tonight… don’t play play! hehe.


i’m sure as hell not gonna win the trophy tonight, hence my team name (check below)


Team 1 (Rookie Gagah)
1. Shah
2. Widz

Team 2 (Headbangers)
1. Nasa
2. Ridz

Team 3 (Bola Saiko)
1. Zakh
2. Anumz

Team 4 (Tornado F5)
1. Atoz
2. Ezzmier

Team 5 (Kaver Each Other)
1. Ajon
2. Dali

Team 6 (Selayang Strikers)
1. Yop
2. Rizz

Team 7 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
1. Tiger
2. Dragon

*note to self: buy enough sloan’s liniment to cover me until the end of the year


breaking news!! March 4, 2008

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TheBibik will make another appearance soon…

Stand by for a new collection of backseat singing and one-liners!

*apparently she wanted to continue working for us.. but she “malu mau nelipon ibukkkkk”