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pijana update December 19, 2007

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sent zana to school today and had a short meeting with the teacher on zana enrolling to kindy next year. apparently now they have a curriculum for kids as young as 3. so eventhough zana technically just turned 2 (lahir ujung tahun), she still has to go for kindy next year. boleh lah kot.. since she does not have problems communicating with her friends and teachers.

speaking of communication, here’s a short bit on zana’s pot pet:

patin – her playschool friend, fatin (LOL macam ikan lak sebut patin)
apik – her other playschool friend, afiq
there are actually adam, apis, nini and all sorts of common baby names u can find.. hehe

bisimillahirrahmaaanirra’im (note the extra i)
zana can also recite the doa makan in a slightly pelat, jawa version (ni TheBibik punya kerja)

tu opis mak ngah! TM! (referring to menara telikom)

tu opis ayah! ada harimau.. auummmmm! (referring to anep’s, nailah’s and soon-to-be huda’s dataran m*ybank)

*note that mama’s opis tak wujud due to its inconspicuous location*

daily conversation when picking up zana from school:
mama: hari ni zana makan apa?
zana : makan mee
mama: takkan hari-hari makan mee
zana : mee sedap

(by the way, zana’s favourite ‘mee’ is spaghetti)

zana sings:
oh bulan, mana bintang, atah pokok, kayu agha

my mum struggling to belt up zana in her car seat:
tokmak: susahnya mende nih
zana: tokmak tak reti lah.. mama pandai

esok zana will have cuti from school until christmas. suka laa tu.. m not going anywhere for raya since there are back to back weddings on friday and saturday. the last wedding events im going to assist…

have a merry raya and christmas everyone!


well… December 18, 2007

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whaddayaknow? KB actually offered me a permanent position.. after I had tendered my resignation. and what’s more painful, he was willing to backdate it to god-knows-which-date just to show that he means it. THIS after 3 and a half years of asking him, asking the HR department, asking the heads of departments, etc to no avail. i guess janet jackson/cinderella was right after all, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.. LOL!


so what now? December 12, 2007

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happier times @ t.s.o (the sales office)

would you believe the guy on the floor used to be the sales manager? he recently tendered his resignation after 10 odd years with the hotel. we don’t really know why he left, but there were rumours that he was at odds with KB. i mean, with KB at the helm, who wasn’t? heheh

with my boss gone, the department is a quiet office now. no more lunches outside just the few of us, no more cracking jokes at all hours, not even phone calls with just “oi.. lokasssssiiiiiiii?” when we’re not in the office. and only a few days after he left, KB comes in with the announcement “i am taking over this department.” mampos!!

so while i was mulling over what i am supposed to do once KB comes in with next year’s “business plan”, i received a phone call inviting me for an interview. tanpa berpikir panjang aku pegi. it’s with a small publishing company, they can’t offer me much on the pay, but i don’t have to do hard selling as it’s more on brand marketing n awareness. and they have a five-day week! i know that doesn’t sound like ground-breaking news to most people, but i have worked saturdays eversince i started working.. and some sundays too!

and so, after 2 days, the co. called and told me i am accepted and i’m supposed to report next month. should i be ecstatic? i don’t know. i love working where i am right now, but KB just takes all the fun away. should i be sad? i don’t know. the new job promises more time for my family, but still puts in the little bit of travelling that i love (roadshows etc).

let’s see where the road leads (aku tertaip load reads lak tadik hahahahah) and hopefully i can join my friends’ n family’s weekend gatherings come next year!


UC Men’s Octet – Nirvana Medley December 6, 2007

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this is dedicated to zezz. wakakakakakak!!