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kerja pending November 20, 2007

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here’s the 1st tag i hutang from ziah..

1. Were you smiling when you woke up this morning?
Who smiles when they’re woken up by a few prods from a toddler asking “mamaaaaa buat shushu… mama buat shushu… mama buat shushu..”?

2. When was the last time you met someone new?
In my job, I meet someone new almost every few hours! heheh

3. When did you last eat pizza?
Errr.. can’t remember. I know Mum ordered pizza and chicken wings last week, but I only ate the wings.

4. Do you drink beer?

5. Do you wash your own clothes?
Now kena laa.. maid dah tamat kontrak..

6. What do you want more than anything?
To live a debt-free life. Who doesn’t?

7. Are you tired?
It’s 12noon, I just reported for work, I did nothing in the morning except watch tv, so can’t say I am tired…

8. Are you restless?

9. How many Frienster’s view do you have today?
I dunno. Malas nak check.

10. Who is in the room with you?
The practical student, Wana. Everybody else is either in meetings with clients or on leave.


nak tengok bee.. November 15, 2007

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.. was what zana said to me a few times already, thanks to the ‘bees’ that keep appearing in her happy meals. so i said what the heck, let’s go and try to bring a 2-year-old to a movie.. ahahahah!

anep couldn’t make it back in time for the 9.00pm show, so it was just mama n nana. sempat jugak makan a lil bit at mekdi before the movie started. i made sure there was a good helping of food and drinks (even snuck in mekdi’s sundae in my bag) so that she wouldn’t go running around in the dark. and good thing she did sit quietly, laughing when everybody laughs, enjoying the movie until about halfway through, she announced “nana beyak!! nak pegi cebok!” critical moment pulak tu! isk.. takpelaa.. lari kejap gi toilet.. n takde laa ‘beyak’ pun.. konpius with the ‘lesser business’ 😛

before we went in the hall again, i bought more food! yeahh makan makan makan sesedar movie dah abih.. about 10.30pm. on the way home she fell asleep.. it was past her bedtime anyway.

all in all, a nice movie to be enjoyed irregardless of age group. now i can’t wait to bring zana to her next movie. or disney live magic maybe.. hmmm…….


weekend trip November 12, 2007

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the bad news was,
believe it or not, i took me three hours to reach petaling jaya from seremban 2 last saturday.

3 frickin’ hours!

and i only had zana for company.. with her rendition of the thai song “sa bai sa bai”. (yes, i have a thai hits cd in the car hehe)

the good news though,
we had a gooooooood helping of lunch @ zezz’s that the three hours passed without any grumbling stomachs. friday chicken nite eh zezz?

by the way, i was talking to zana the other day about “boys” and “girls”. no, not the bees & birds talk.. i’m not talking to a tween LOL

widz: mama girl, zana pun girl..
zana: bukanlahhhhh
widz: iya lah.. mama girl, zana pun girl..  ayah boy.
widz: abih, kalau ayah bukan boy, ayah apa?
zana: ayah anep.. mama idia natasa

oh, right….


especially for cekya & pye November 2, 2007

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the so-called modification

a better view