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pizana puting withdrawal : day i-lost-count October 30, 2007

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No longer need to carry zana’s modified puting wherever & whenever…. hooray!


pizana puting withdrawal : day 3 October 24, 2007

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nampaknya ada laa progress. zana hasn’t asked for her puting since yesterday. she keeps saying “nana gigit puting, putus!” (which is totally not true, courtesy of her mama.. heheheheh)

anyway, i’m going for a haircut later after work. first time trying out a stylist-at-home session. yup, the stylist will come and give us haircuts.. at home! only rm25 for a haircut, rm100 for cut+colour. anyone interested?

should i go gonjeng again or just keep it moderate this time…… 😛


pizana puting withdrawal : day 2 October 23, 2007

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kudos to the taska cikgus.

they cooperated by applying asam jawa to zana’s puting!

this is going so well.. so far.



pizana puting withdrawal : day 1 October 22, 2007

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wakakakakak… this is my attempt at weaning zana off her puting. sooner or later kena start jugak kan?


cold turkey (via cutting off the teat)

left the ‘modified’ puting on the coffeetable. subject ran straight for it and placed it in her mouth. immediately took it out and inspected it.(LOL)

subject refused puting the whole day. asked for it a few times later that night, but refused again each time we showed her the ‘modified’ one. finally slept without it. (Yay!)

let’s see how long both of us boleh tahan each other.

to remind taska cikgus to give modified puting whenever zana requests for it.. hehe.


hepi besdei zana!! October 6, 2007

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and, as always, when ramadhan comes, this blog will be left untouched. so i thought i’d put in a little bit of zana since i haven’t selected the ‘baby babble’ category for ages!

well, zana is 2!! here come the terrible twos! her birthday was on the 4th haritu.. and she celebrated it with her numerous friends in taska! yeah, zana’s in daycare now since TheBibik has gone home (by the way, TheBibik and my parents made news! check it out here .. tak sangka yew wakakak). so far she has had no problems adjusting to daycare.. she will giggle and squeal everytime we get to the gate and she’ll say “ni sekolah nana.. nana pegi sekolah..”. yup, zana is speaking in full sentences now. some people are still quite surprised when i tell them zana just turned 2.

besdei girl & rakan2 yang tak sabar nak merasa coklat indulgence sikret resipi 🙂

don’t think i can organize a belated birthday party since it’s the puasa month, t’s so close to raya, and it already looked like a birthday bash at the daycare haritu ahaha! i’m also not taking leave during raya since it’s pj for raya this year, and even my in-laws chose to celebrate raya at our house this year!

on another note, anybody still interested in fasta pasta-ing? tatot?