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hypocrisy at the top? June 27, 2007

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wow. who would’ve thought that at 12.00midnight a couple of nights ago, I could be in the car, queuing at the traffic lights at pantai dalam, NEXT to KB’s car? why the hell was he in pantai dalam during those midnight hours when his house (and wife and kids) are in kelana jaya?

i’ve heard that KB has this ongoing affair with this lady who sometimes works part-time in hspj’s kitchen. imagine that, the no. 1 man of the company who likes to tell his staff to ‘cari rezeki halal’, ‘kerja itu tanggungjawab utk kita dan keluarga’, ‘jgn sesekali kufur nikmat’, interspersed with hadith here n there, dilly-dallying with somebody who is not his wife in the odd hours (and sometimes during the daytime too hehehe).

but anyways, i asked a few people at the office about my surprise encounter. all they said was “ko tak tau ke? pompuan tu kan dok kat pantai dalam!”

i should start waiting at the traffic lights, camera in hand, and get a souvenir if i’m lucky. LOL.


presenting.. June 21, 2007

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the infamous TheBibik

after all the lectures, the slip-ups, and the long-distance dramas, i’m still feeling a bit heavy-hearted that she will finish her term in slightly less than 5 months from now.

better start scouting a good playschool for zana now. i don’t think her tokmak can manage zana by herself while i’m away at work hehehe


Janis Joplin – Try June 8, 2007

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utk zezz lagi. the continuation of tragically dead singers :). to think janis died at 27. we surpassed her by 2 years so far beb! hahahah


Maroon 5 – Wake Up Call (Live Acoustic) June 7, 2007

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Maroon 5 – Wake Up Call (Live Acoustic)

my fav song currently. the acoustic version is just rocking as the original.

aku pencinta maroon 5 😛


Yutaka Ozaki – I Love You June 5, 2007

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ini utk mu zezz.. ai rrrrrav yewww ekekekeke



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in response to ziah’s aiwa katsu, this is another song we learnt in college. the song is very mellow, much like the carpenters. although it’s weird to see the singer looking exactly like our sensei! could she be? 😛