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nyam nyam nyam May 29, 2007

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thinking of ‘trying’ to roast a chicken tomorrow night (my cooking skills still leaves a LOT to be desired). good to know the commis (the guy at the lowest rung of the kitchen dept organization chart) gladly prepared the marinate for me today to just bring home. that’s one step easier to a yummy roast chicken! LOL!

wish me luck (and a yummy roast)!


Pirate of Pantai Dalam May 24, 2007

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Pirate of Pantai Dalam, originally uploaded by widz_x.

in the spirit of calypso the sea goddess, i present one of the brethren court’s pirate lords, representing the inner beach aka pantai dalam.. duh 😛


arrrrrrrrrr shiver me timbers!

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so i went to watch a lot of nasty, smelly pirates last night. yup, waited for zana to fall asleep with TheBibik, then tiptoed out of the house with anep for the midnight show 😛

i’m not going to put a long review here just because i’m not a good storyteller. so i’ll leave a few facts about the movie:

– the damn movie goes for about 2 1/2 hours. !!! i reached home at 3.30am and missed a lot of the champions league final!
– a bit too much pyrotechnics and the fight scenes sometimes goes on for ages, however entertaining they may be.
– there’s kind of a sad ending to one of the subplots. i would hate to be elizabeth swann in this one. 😦

it was an entertaining 2 1/2 hours anyway, coz i only felt sleepy once we started to exit midvalley. arrr, ’tis a pirate’s life fer me….. hehehehehe


banzai or harakiri? May 18, 2007

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Most people might not know this, but I have been working without a contract for almost a year now. See, when I started working in HSPJ, they offered me a contract which was supposed to be renewed annually, since they did not have the means to offer me a permanent post then. But the current management under KB have ignored to renew the last one which expired June 2006, let alone offer me a permanent post, despite my repeated requests. I have even met personally with KB regarding this issue. All he could tell me that time was “since HSPJ has this ongoing financial difficulties, it would be unwise for me to request KUB to offer me a permanent job right now, so we will bring up this issue when the time is right.”


First of all, KUB doesn’t care who is permanent and who is on contract basis. I joined HSPJ after an interview with HSPJ’s HR, not KUB HR. It’s up to HSPJ management to determine my status, not KUB.

Second, if he does not want to change my contract status, would it kill him just to draft a letter extending my contract for another year?

Since I am legally ‘not’ HSPJ staff right now, even though I’m still getting my basic pay and all, can I *ehem* give 24-hour notice and resign? My so-called contract then stated a 1-month notice, but that one expired June 2006.. so…. can I? 🙂

Anybody interested in hiring? I’m highly adaptable to different work needs, practical, able to go solo or thrown in group discussions, ability to communicate with all levels blablabla..



the future’s so bright, i gotta wear (mama’s) shades May 9, 2007

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zana’s vocabulary has increased by leaps and bounds, although mostly pelat, but she manages to get her message across. she speaks in mono-syllables, usually stringing two words together (eg. atok lik = atok balik, dap aikim = sedap aiskrim).

once in a while she uses the wrong word to describe something. like yesterday, we were walking across ikea’s parking lot when suddenly zana goes “ayam! ayam!” and all i could see was a little lost mynah scurrying under some cars. (i told zana that is a burung tiung and she said “burung tuyung”.. boleh laa tuh).

unfortunately, she’s too attached to her pacifier (uting) which she demands everytime we are in the car. she also needs it to sleep,immediately after her milk (huhu). it’s a good thing her teeth development was not really compromised, but i should do some research if sucking on pacifiers can slow teeth growth. zana baru ada 7 full teeth, and 2 tiny geraham yg baru nak keluar. that didn’t stop her appetite for chewing tho, she just loves her chicken pieces and cucumber slices.

here’s a concise dictionary of zana’s babble:

an K an K = K n K n K from the radio advert
do = tido
num num = minum
car angah = any car on the road resembling her mak ngah’s myvi
car atok = any car on the road resembling her atok’s truck
kakak = any girl older than zana, even used to refer to magazine models (wegra excepted)
abam = abang, used only for kids (does not include magazine models.. hehe)
akel = uncle, this one used for her new uncle@pakngah and male models.. LOL
a side note to ziah and abu: congratulations to both of you! couldn’t make it to the hospital yesterday evening coz anep came home quite late. will visit ya and the new baby soon! congrats again!


Lagi-lagi Yikes! May 3, 2007

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that’s ly-d0ts and me, doing our impression of a water fountain sculpture. LOL!
location: then-itm lendu, during a kursus motivasi for n9 sbp students,

can u imagine we actually had to cross that brown ‘lake’ in the background hanging on to a flimsy rope?! huda actually went under for a few secs 😛