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babble babble April 19, 2007

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so a lot happened between the last few piccie posts and today, like my sister finally getting hitched, zana talking so much that i can actually call her up at mom’s and have a complete conversation with her, KB acting up with his favourite phrase at every management meeting (With Immediate Effect), staff morale is at an all-time low, i could just go on and on.

KB now is more interested in staff discipline rather than focusing on business. he prefers to do spot checks on his staff in the wee hours (try 3.00am) just to see if they’re sleeping on the job, but it’s not his preference to do spot checks on events happening on that day, when we have actual paying customers ie. business! what’s the use of employing an hr manager, if he is acting as the hr manager? KB has even went a step further by getting this lady, his pet staff to act as his eyes and ears and report on any so-called ‘misconduct’. it’s just too bad that the lady (we call her Makhluk Halus) is sitting right across my desk. SUX! im just thankful we have this office thingy called partitions. 🙂

anyway, heard some of the tkc gals are romping down to the annual 1st may event. i don’t know if i can make it back to ye old skool, as i might be at the in-laws in melaka that day. as a matter of fact, i have yet to make it there for this yearly event ever since i left that school heheh.. maybe i should try squeezing a trip in between kl – melaka this year.


Yikes! the sequel April 13, 2007

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Yikes! Part 2 April 12, 2007

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so here it comes.. sorry it took so long though, work just sucks the life out of me 😦

g78×10.jpg g78×11.jpg g78×12.jpg

there’s this one special pic that i will put on hold first until I have enough time to properly sit in front of a pc. Right now i’m like halfway off the chair ready to go home! LOL!