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yikes! March 3, 2007

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i noticed that i have not updated this blog for the past 2 weeks! that got me thinking, what should i do to jumpstart this blog back…. and the answer hit me this morning. see, i just took out my long-time-unused scanner from my pile of computer rubbish to do some job for the sport club’s upcoming dinner, and i decided to scan some long-ago pics of me and friends (from school! yay!). so, presenting to you folks who know who you are, photos that will make you smile (or cringe!). *note: names have been deliberately hidden to protect the integrity of the innocent.. LOL

we were slimmer that time, weren’t we..

LOL.. Allaman_a.. I think half the girls in this group are married. it was that long ago eh

wakakakakakak… guess who!

one has 2 kids, one has 1, another’s waiting for hers. proof that mothers were once kids too.. hahah


13 Responses to “yikes!”

  1. wegra Says:



    OMG!!!!!! agak slim but nasib baik the picture omitted my doc mart

  2. wegra Says:

    i’m still laughing … sakit perut la!!!

  3. zezz Says:

    err wid, what were u thinking? to make ppl feel depressed is it? i know i am uhuk uhuk sungguh slimnya aku & jinjang nye leher ku dulu!

    weg : doc mart merah!!! mine was greasy black – and i’ve lost em!!!

  4. bitz Says:

    😛 teruja ai nak scan lagi 😛

    tu la kan? can see our collarbones some more wakakakakakak

  5. nadd Says:

    widz…camana ko boleh sesat kat Allamanda?

  6. bitz Says:

    wakakak nadd,

    aku kan part-time blue house + 5N 😛

  7. Naziah Says:

    aku tgk gambar allamanda, baju yg dyda pakai tu cam baju aku je…. gambar ninja tu sape? nadd, was that u? wat’s wif modek and the raket tennis? hahahahahahahaahahah! x tahan siut!!!! and OMG! me wearing baju kriket STAR…. WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAK!

  8. DydD Says:

    YES ziah…it’s urs!!remember that time when we used to tukar2 baju..bosan baju sendirik!!hahahaha..widz…nih betol2 museum collection nih… 🙂

  9. ly-d Says:

    hahaha… mana la si widz nie korek gambo.. aku nye amblum dah terkubur dalam kotak mase aku pindah bilik after kawen.. tak bukak2 since 2002.. ni yg buat rasa nak menggeledah balik kotak2 niee… tp nak kena sound ngan bonda boleh aaa tgh2 confinement nie angkat mende2 berat..

    methinks i hv some already scanned in my old folders.. now to locate those.. i will be updating it on my gallery

  10. ly-d Says:

    wahh betut.. ade… siap cataloged by year.. yee haaa.. ade le aktibiti ini malams…

  11. naziah Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not u too lyd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ly-d Says:

    eheksss… org dlm confinement… dari aku dok kira stretchmarks.. ade gak menda lain nak buat kihkih

  13. […] la what widz had started off… di sini….. aku pun terus ler teruja nak scan and upload gambo zaman2 […]

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