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HSPJ Roast Lamb March 21, 2007

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HSPJ Roast Lamb, originally uploaded by widz_x.

this is what happens when I bring my camera to the office and spend some time with the chef and his crew.. yum yum


nasi goreng koli wonne’! March 10, 2007

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my trusty cook at section 14. next time any of u guys go there, ask for the nasi goreng ayam 🙂 sedap wooooooooooo


yikes! March 3, 2007

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i noticed that i have not updated this blog for the past 2 weeks! that got me thinking, what should i do to jumpstart this blog back…. and the answer hit me this morning. see, i just took out my long-time-unused scanner from my pile of computer rubbish to do some job for the sport club’s upcoming dinner, and i decided to scan some long-ago pics of me and friends (from school! yay!). so, presenting to you folks who know who you are, photos that will make you smile (or cringe!). *note: names have been deliberately hidden to protect the integrity of the innocent.. LOL

we were slimmer that time, weren’t we..

LOL.. Allaman_a.. I think half the girls in this group are married. it was that long ago eh

wakakakakakak… guess who!

one has 2 kids, one has 1, another’s waiting for hers. proof that mothers were once kids too.. hahah