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the jungle booklet February 14, 2007

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zana penat bermain-main. check-out that red mark near her left eye.. terhantuk katil TheBibik
hope adib had a blast on his rainforest-themed birthday party last weekend. i know i did, when i got splashed by the water balloon anep threw that i tried to catch. zana enjoyed the company of both kids and grownups.. being zana, she joined the crowd tanpa segan silu. AUNTY weggy even played a very good bibik at one point 😀

zana main dgn anak sapa ntah.. heheheheheh

anyway thanks dydd for a totally wonderful time. will upload more pics when i have more time.


say what?

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TheBibik, upon seeing azan ruffedge and family having dinner at the table next to us yesterday:

“kak widie, anak ruffedge pakai pampers sama macam zana..”