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Here’s another January 31, 2007

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OMG, originally uploaded by widz_x.

their only costume change through the show.. heh


shall we again?

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i heard on the grapevine that


are coming to KL!!!!

Shall we again girlllllllls?? 😛


*giddy giddy shake shake swoooooonnnn* January 29, 2007

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so yeap, a bunch of us went up to genting to be charmed by the now-3-boyz II men. i don’t know if i should do a full report here, coz i know weggy does a better job at describing than moi. maybe i should just post up pics here.

* please take note that most of them are blurry, since i was seated like a mile away from the stage, weggy was shakin’ her booty beside me like nobody’s business, and i had the camera on max zoom with no tripod.

mr nathan morris

mr shawn stockman

mr wanya morris

i’ll put up some more in a few. gotta get some work done first 😛

ok got some free time now.

a special bow for hudrah 😀 (abandon me hokkeh!)

da boyz

one of the better pics from a mile away.. heh


I can’t wait.. January 23, 2007

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Boyz II Men – Motownphilly

man.. the fluorescent colours! the flattop hair! the sunglasses! the pants! but i just love the music..


special for wegra

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Boyz II Men – 1993 – In The Still Of The Night (Live)



how do i say goodbye to yesterday January 19, 2007

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anybody wanna go to the boyz II men concert? i have 2 room bookings for First World Hotel on Friday 26th January 2007 up for sale.


phew January 14, 2007

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eden baru balik dari cameron sebona eh..boh.jpg