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dough vs grub December 19, 2006

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now that i have received my refund for the cpu cooler which i ordered online but somehow it was out of stock after i sent in my payment, so can go for makan2 outing. frens?


zana.. zana.. zanaaaa NOOOOOOOOOO!!! December 18, 2006

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peninglah aku menjadi ibunda ke seorang anakanda yg seperti berikut:

  • prefers hot and spicy food over baby-safe, bland food (she actually spits out her bubur and cereal and mashed potatoes, but takes in kuah tomyam sampai abih semangkuk, ‘pedas’ tears notwithstanding)
  • now able to pry the shoe cabinet doors open and try on mama’s shoes. have been known to ‘walk’ in my heels all over the living room.
  • her favourite song is eam0n’s f*ck it (i don’t wan’t you back) which is now the ringtone on my mobile. if i need her to stay put i just play the video that i burned to a cd 🙂 .
  • suka korek2 compact powder 😦
  • cats are more terrified of zana than she is of them. zanazilla alert!
  • copies some of the actions on tv adverts. like the lady in the panad0l ad who stretches after doing some physical therapy.



Lagu Nostalgia Zaman Sekolah December 17, 2006

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Guys Next Door – I’ve Been Waiting For You

lol guys…. the first cassette i bought in seremban during my high skool days … LOLOLOLOLOL


Siput Sedut Masak Lemak December 16, 2006

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Siput Sedut Masak Lemak, originally uploaded by widz_x.

just checkin’ if i there are siput sedut fans reading this :))))))))


HSPJ Wedding Pelamin December 14, 2006

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Img_1416, originally uploaded by widz_x.

One of our packaged pelamins called ‘Sangkar Emas’. Come and have your wedding at HSPJ! 🙂


wedding of the year

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definitely figette’s. and why is her’s THE wedding of the year?

  1. there was a MASSIVE traffic jam on the north-south Highway that day. it took us 3 bloody hours from nilai to ayer keroh. some even surrendered halfway through (eg. nailah n family). we had to stop at the senawang lay-by to munch on definitely-not-hot dogs and canned drinks.. lapar beb!
  2. the signs leading to the dewan. usually i notice people just write ‘bride’s name’ & ‘groom’s name’. figette had hers written “fiza ‘heart icon’ lan”. fiza loves lan!!
  3. figette had a BIG canvas banner stretched over the entrance announcing the MAJLIS PERKAHWINAN NORHAFIZAH & AZLAN. Canvas banner yew.. macam majlis perasmian lak hehehe

we (meaning ziah, ina, zana, thebibik n myself) arrived at 3.00pm. most of the guests had left, we missed the bersanding ceremony, but the food was still there and we made sure we had a good helping! figette was her usual self, never the malu-malu pengantin one! and so i dedicate the pic below to wegra who i hope has recovered from her tempang-ness..

the anak-anak dara and mak-mak dara


musician mode December 11, 2006

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Creedence Clearwater Revival-Have you ever seen the rain

one of my fav songs to play on the guitar.. senang beb! heheh