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splish splash November 27, 2006

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once upon a time, a zana and an ayah decided to go swimming (or floating, rather).

and they floated happily ever after.

the end.


mama & zana November 6, 2006

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thanks to my cousin AJ for this snapshot 🙂


a happy aidilfitri November 2, 2006

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ayah dan anak bersiap sedia melawat sanak sedara 😛

see? told’ja i will be almost non-existent from this space throughout ramadhan.. almost could have said the same about syawal! i was still working up to the last day of puasa.. vroomed back to anep’s kampung in masjid tanah immediately after buka puasa that day. had a happy raya with all siblings present. spent a week in melaka, visited relatives up to muar.. and went back to attend imtiyaz’s birthday party. phew!

and now i’m back at the office (where i can sit down long enough to type unless a phone call comes through). we’re planning an office potluck for raya next week. checkout our menu:

Boss – Sandwiches
Widz – Kuah Lodeh
Naj – Nasi Impit, Kuah Kacang, Rendang Ayam, Serunding
Nani – Ayam Golek OR Lemang
Ain – Rendang Daging, Sambal Sotong, Lemang
Faiz – Berjenis2 ayaq

Jgn ckp aku malas bawak byk2 lauk.. pepagi buta baru masak kuah lodeh tau 😛

by the way, zana actually celebrated her 1st birthday in early october. being the puasa month, i did not plan any major party, so we just invited a few relatives over for buka puasa. zana decided to give herself a birthday present by finally walking from one end of the room to the other 🙂

tgk laa gaya budak kecik ni time hari raya..

a merger of ayah’s & mama’s kain baju raya 😛