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cough cough.. hackkk October 9, 2006

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bloody haze is giving us sore throats and watery eyes. come on laa fellas, next time go hydroponic laa.. takyah bakar2 here n there.

by the way, I’m on leave today since I had to work on Sunday. And this is the view from my balcony:


..there used to be a Menara TM somewhere….


omg October 2, 2006

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has it been THAT long? Did I have memory lapse? Did I forget that I have a blog? Was I too busy celebrating my birthday?

No.. it’s because it’s Ramadhan, and that never fails to put me in ‘workaholic mode’ day in, day out. Hectic giler woo keja hotel during bulan puasa.. Last year I dpt cheat by giving birth to Zana on the night of 1st Ramadhan heheh.. this year no chance lah 🙂