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miss you laa cyang… September 6, 2006

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Dear cyang,

How’s the weather over where you are in Chiangmai? You’ve been away so long, I’ve started to appreciate the teeny tiny things that irk me most about you šŸ™‚ Do you remember the times I used to wake you up at night because your snoring volume suddenly went up 20-30 decibels and I was afraid Zana would wake up tekejut? I don’t mind it at all now cyang, in fact the room seems too quiet now. You can snore all you want, and I’ll be sure to stuff Zana’s ears with something to tone the noise down šŸ˜›

Have you been eating alright over there? We’ve been having quite a ball here, we had seafood two days in a row! Haha. Zana even loved Fish Market’s Asparagus Soup and Fish & Chips. I won’t mind bringing her there again when you come home, but then, you’re not a seafood fan… so how?

We definitely miss you sooooooo much over here. Do you know Zana has her own ‘closet’ now? She loves it so much, she keeps on opening and closing the doors (it hasĀ 4 doors, but she can only reach 2 hehe) and then punggah whatever’s inside. It’s like all the mornings when we both are getting ready for work, and she ‘helps’ taking out all the clothes, only forgetting to put them back :-/

So in short cyang, cepat2 laa balik weiiiiiiii. I’ll be sure to wait for you at the airport tomorrow night, and I wanna claim all the daily hugs hutang yg tertunggak nih.

Luv u,
who else, your wife laa


al-fatihah.. September 1, 2006

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this goes out to azrul & liza (red house, 5S), who lost their firstbornĀ Harith Zakwan recently, after a longĀ battle against chronic pneumonia. Semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan yg beriman.. Ammiiin.