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zombieyah.. zombieyah August 25, 2006

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this morning TheBibik entertained us with her morning backseat rendition of Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’.


:( August 24, 2006

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it’s a bit heartbreaking to finally come to the point where your baby does not want to breastfeed anymore.. all this while you’d think that now you have more time for yourself without the baby clinging to you.. but when the time actually comes, sedihnya huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

on a lighter note.. takde laa aku dikunyah2 dan ditarik2 mcm chewing gum lagi..hahahah


TLDM Lumut here i come.. August 17, 2006

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work trip is on for saturday & sunday. mari laa kawan2 kita bergumbira di KD Pelandok & Teluk Batik.. bleh consider hanimun aku ngan anep =))


$$$ August 9, 2006

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Since I’ll be going away on a work trip minus Zana quite soon, I have been starting Zana on formula once a while just to see if she likes it. So far she has had no problems, changing between breastmilk to formula and vice-versa. Once I even tried formula for one whole day. No problems! Just one thing though. Formula is so DAMN expensive!! That one little tin that cost about RM25 will last maybe 3 days on round-the-clock feedings. RM25 for 3 days!!! That’s like RM250 for a whole month!


Maybe Zana should try Milo now just to reduce cost.. LOL


Zana n Mr. Noodle August 2, 2006

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I am helping Zana build up a collection of Elmo’s World videos. It’s her favourite show on Playhouse Disney. I think she has the hots for Mr. Noodle and especially Mr. Noodle’s Brother, Mr. Noodle.. hehe. She smiles shyly everytime the two guys appear on the show. It was a lil’ heartbreaking tho when I googled Michael Jeter who plays Mr. Noodle’s Brother, and found out he has passed away in 2003. Then only I realized he also acted in ‘The Green Mile’.. patutlaa the face looked so familiar. Anyway, Zana will definitely miss you, Mr. Noodle (harap-harap dah besar nanti jangan laa carik boipren muka mr. noodle gak hahahahahah)