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whadda? July 18, 2006

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i was still at mum’s when prime time news came on tv1 (yup, mum prefers gomen-tv news) and the first thing they mentioned before the montage was the earthquake located at the hindi ocean, south of bandung, indonesia that brought another tsunami to pulau jawa. then when the montage came on, mum switched to tv3 to see if they had extra coverage on the tragedy. lo and behold, siti n datuk k’s faces plastered all over the tv screen. looks like they had different opinions on what ‘breaking news’ means. oh well..


A letter from Zana July 14, 2006

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Dear reader,

Guess what? I’m 9 months old now! I’ve been keeping myself busy, crawling here, there and everywhere, trying to stand up (with a little help from the sofa) that I think my mama has lost a few kgs chasing after me ūüėõ I’ve had my share of knocks & bumps too. Most of them were because I tried to walk on¬†my own. Mama says it’s too early for me to walk by myself, but being the stubborn one, I tried to prove her wrong. Guess mama knows best after all..

On another note,¬†my teethies has (finally) come out! I don’t know what took¬†’em so long, it’s not like i have calcium¬†deficiency or something. Now I like to torture mama by testing the teethies’ function while mama feeds me.. heh.¬†At times she gets¬†very upset with me, at times even ayah gets upset! Who does he think he is, mama’s milk is not for him anyway *duhhh*!

Okay, it’s time for my nap. Cheers!

Much love,


KB July 6, 2006

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aku: ko tau bos besau aku buat hal lagi
aku: tak penah aku jumpa org emo cam nih
seku: dia buat aper
aku: kitorg ada event order utk setiap function kat sini
aku: dlm event order form tu tulis requirement function tuh
aku: menu apa, setup macam mana.. payment details etc
aku: and in that form.. 3 orang kena sign
aku: salesperson in charge, sales manager, and GM emo nih
aku: since GM aku jarang kat opis.. so biasanya 2 orang tu sign
aku: kumpulkan dlm 1 file.. then end of the week submit that file to GM
seku: salah bende dia ngamok?
aku: ni laa aku nak citer
seku: ok
aku: kotak pertama.. katakan aku yg sign as sales in charge of that event
aku: kotak kedua tulis Approved by: ______________ then nama bos dept aku
aku: kotak ketiga tulis Endorsed by: _____________ then nama GM aku
seku: ok
aku: GM aku ckp Approved tu patut utk dia.. sebab dia bos no 1
seku: masyallah
aku: tapi dia tak ckp kat kitorg
aku: dia ckp kat PA dia
seku: tapi ikutkan kalau yg endorse tu tak approve takleh jalan kan?
aku: sepatutnya mmg kena 3 sign baru bleh jalan
seku: tu la
seku: dia emo gila pangkat lak by paper
aku: tapi sbb GM jarang ada kat opis.. so kitorg issue as long as ada dept boss nye sign
seku: a’ah
seku: pastu dia merungut blakang2 ke
aku: haa dia ngadu kat PA dier
aku: tapi tak abih citer lagi nih
aku: GM aku mcm hint2 kat PA dier kena tukau the choice of words to make his look more “superior”
aku: so PA dia bukak laa segala thesaurus
aku: kasik 1 long list of a choice of words
seku: bapak lorat gm ko
seku: opis politik btol
aku: ko tau PA dier bagi list tu bila
aku: 2 bulan lepas  until now dia still takleh pilih mana satu
aku: so kitorg masih laaa guna the same words in our forms
aku: and today we got the latest batch of forms back from the GM
aku: dia tak sign dlm kotak diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
seku: mogok ke
aku: dia sign kat tempat lain.. atas kotak.. tepi kotak.. bawah kotak.. tapi bukan dlm kotak diaaaaaaaaaaa
seku: astaga camni nyer gm pon ada
seku: mogok protes
aku: lawak tak
aku: aku nak tegelak je tgk forms tu tadik
aku: bos pompuan pun tak emo camnih
seku: tu la pasal