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once upon a time.. June 23, 2006

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there was a little hotel (after this will be known as LH), not so many rooms, but thrived on providing the best package for conventions, banquet events, and meetings due to its great service and excellent food.

However, LH was the victim of numerous management & policy changes throughout the years of operation. But the staff bravely stood and worked their asses off despite the horrendous environment. They have been introduced to and saying goodbyes to at least 5 General Managers, maybe underwent 3-4 different managements.

But, the current one takes the cake!

It all began when the LH staff noticed that there was a cut in their paychecks. In this industry, staff get what is called service points, where the value of each point differs with regards to the income gained that month. Say, month 1 generated more sales than month 2, hence more pay for the staff that month. This is why some establishments put a service charge in the bills you pay, you are basically helping out these people since their basic salaries are hmm.. not much.

Anyways, after 3 months of paycuts without any notice from the management eventhough sales generated during those months were record highs, staff began to question the management through their bosses.

Then big boss (BB) decided to hold a lil meeting and explain the situation to everybody. Bla bla bla Higher Management decision bla bla bla to settle outstanding debts bla bla bla we will try to fight etc etc

Now there are some issues, namely:

why there was no memo, no information whatsoever, not even a word from the HR department that the staff will take the paycut regardless of the revenue generated?

why did the so-called Management let staff bear the brunt of the company’s debts? They have taken over the management of LH for almost 10 years now, did they do a good job with it?

was this rreeeeaaaalllyyyyyyyy a ‘Higher Management’ decision?

After a couple hours’ dialogue session (whereby the questions still remain unanswered) one of the staff could not take it any longer and decided to go Banzaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
……………………… and gave the BB a big one right smack in the face.

Thus, the beginning of the Kukubesi (KB) era….